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ZNFrontier is a business accelerator. We help fast growing companies tap new opportunities and tackle their biggest issues as they expand into new markets.

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How Do You Brace For Disruption While Transforming
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Going For Growth With Sustainability and Scalability In Mind.
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Invest In Strategic Capabilities To Drive Results.

Introduction to ZNFrontier

We work closely with venture capitalists (VC) and their portfolio companies. The common theme is that we aspire only to serve clients on engagements that will have a material impact on their overall performance and health.

Although we advise clients on strategy and believe we are distinctive at this aspect of our work, many are surprised to learn that strategy engagements represent less than 10 percent of our work. We support our clients across a very wide range of issues.

In addition to providing strategic advice, we work closely with clients to redesign their organizations for higher performance; create the right sales process, market their products more effectively and improve their operations.

An essential element in our ability to have impact with clients is our ability to build their overseas entity that is scalable and sustainable. To do this, we require our clients to invest in branding, sales and operations each year to build up the overseas team.

Going For Growth: Sustainability and Scalability

Many fast growing companies expand at the expense of sustainability. Priorities are on scalability to gain market share.

We feel revenue growth can be achieved with sustainability and scalability in mind. Growth drives nearly three-quarters of shareholder returns in a ten-year period, but fewer than half the companies that go for growth create value in the process.

While an organization’s starting position suggests the most likely paths to growth, true value-creating growth demands the right balance of investment in marketing, sales and operations capabilities.

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