New overseas business unit needs its own strategy to prevail over existing and potential rivals.

For today’s fast growing companies, expanding into overseas markets is harder than before. The new markets are characterized by digital disruption and blurring industry boundaries.

Many have expanded into new markets with a focus on gaining market share at the expense of cash flow.

In ZNFrontier, we work together with our clients to create strategies that is both sustainable and scalable. We helped determine the optimal allocation of capital across your overseas business units need to create value.

Recent examples of our work

1.We helped a China based consulting firm that uses AI to optimise business processes identify new business in South-East Asia. We helped identified several new opportunities aligned with the client’s capabilities and then helped define an entry strategy for these areas. The client adopted the recommendations and allocated the required resources.

2.We helped a North America digital security company expand into Asia. Within 6 months of engagement, we identified joint venture partners for them in Japan. Through the joint-venture, the company is able to quickly expand into the market while gaining access to a potential 42M customers base.