Memorandum of Understanding Signed By COCOSpace Investments and ZNFrontier To Foster Sino-Singapore Business Acceleration

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MoU signed by COCOSpace and ZNFrontier to foster Sino-Singapore business acceleration

Memorandum of Understanding signed by COCOSpace Investments and ZNFrontier to foster Sino-Singapore business acceleration.

Press release | 03 May 2019

COCOSpace Investments (COCOSPACE) and ZNFrontier Pte Ltd (ZNFrontier) have announced a new cooperation agreement to foster Sino-Singapore business acceleration.

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formalises the mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between COCOSPACE and ZNFrontier at the strategic and working level.

As part of the agreement, COCOSPACE will provide access to venture funding for business expansion into China, business network with more than 280,000 sqm co-working space in the growing Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone area (长三角) and government grants for capability building.

For ZNFrontier, it aims to leverage COCOSPACE position as a leading venture and co-working space firm to help fast-growing companies globalised through its goGlobal programme and accelerate their access beyond the Chinese market. Working with COCOSPACE and the local government support, ZNFrontier also looks towards building up the capabilities of promising Chinese startups to globalise.

COCOSPACE and ZNFrontier have a shared objective of serving startups and small medium enterprises. This MoU provides for continued strengthening of future cooperation between COCOSPACE and ZNFrontier in achieving common goals that will help companies based in China and Singapore to build up their capability and increase accleration pace for expansion.

WEI Feng (魏锋), Founding Partner and CEO of COCOSpace Investments, said:“There is a real desire for fast-growing companies to access business support in the areas of venture capital, business network and government grants support when they globalised. This agreement will help achieve that by strengthening and formalising the already high levels of cooperation between the COCOSPACE and ZNFrontier.”

Jay TEO, Co-founding Partner of ZNFrontier, said:“I welcome this important initiative which formalises and strengthens the existing relationship between COCOSPACE and ZNFrontier. I look forward to continuing to build on our constructive co-operation in the interest of supporting startups growth.”

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About COCOSpace Investments

COCOSpace Investments was established in 2014 and is an investment lead co-working space and venture capital for technology startups.

It has more than 280,000 sqm co-working space in the Yangtze Delta River Economic Zone area (长三角) and has won numerous awards including:

  • 1. China Business Network (第一财经) 2018 Top Investment Company in Smart Manufacturing
  • 2. China Business Network (第一财经) 2018 Top New Venture Capital institution
  • 3. China Funds of Funds (母基金研究中心) 2018 Best New Fund
  • 4. Chinese Venture (融资中国) 2016-2017 Best Investor in Artificial Intelligence
  • 5. CAPEK 2018 Excellent Investment Firm

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About ZNFrontier

ZNFrontier is a leading business accelerator with a strong focus in China. Working with venture capitalist, its goGlobal programme helps fast-growing startups tap into new funding, develop strategy to access new market and build their overseas entity with sustainability and scalability in mind.

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